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Some time ago, a beautiful white stone arrowhead was found in our meadow. Once found, it peaked our curiosity and put forth a quest to find out more about our property and the surrounding area.  In the past, we found these meadowlands were known for its rich growth of nutritious grasses. According to the Whately Historians, the grass, if left alone, would grow as tall as a mans eye, hence the name Tall Grass Farm. For more information on Whately and Indian folklore click here.

For us, raising alpacas has been a labor of love. Involved in the Alpaca Industry since 2000, we have found our existence enriched by our interaction with these enchanting creatures. Our life’s priorities have changed and now our number one priority at Tall Grass Farm is the health and welfare of our animals. We strive for healthy, happy and calm animals living in a safe environment. Over the years we have developed a trust with our animals as well as skills in farm lay-out, pasture management and animal husbandry. We regularly share our acquired expertise with our peers and customers and this mutual interest and support has been the start of many lifelong friendships.